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Glass crystal balls or glass crystal sphere, optical crystal sphere are an important part of our crystal awards product line. our optical Crystal Ball: 100% reconstitued quartz crystal and Lead Free. representing strength and clairty.good lucky, Beginning with a size of From 20 mm up to 150 mm diameter, these balls are available in various colors and designs., we produce glass crystal balls in many different designs.  clear crystal balls, yellow crystal balls, clear crystal balls , crack crystal balls, glass crystal ball with base, 3d laser glass crystal sphere, bubble optical crystal ball. golf crystal ball ,globe crystal balls ,glass shpere with holes,photography glass ball, Feng Shui Crystal Ball etc ,,, 

Round glass sphere ball, sphere with stand, clear contact decorative ball, photography prop decoration, art decor for home. Each crystal ball is inspected strictly, it's perfect for photography. set off the crystal ball is very beautiful, is a good gift choice.

 crystal ball may add brightness and harmony to your life space or studio, a great items for home and office decoration. A perfect decoration for party, house, garden, restaurant, or any other occasions. A special gift for friend and family.

The crystal material is strictly controlled, and the bubble spots on the crystal materials are removed to form a crystal globe. Unique surface treatment it has been formulated for extreme durability, as well as scratch resistant. Balls of quality crystal glass. The best quality for technical and decorative purposes. Clear glass with no green or blue tint.

The crystal ball has magical powers that can bring luck and drive away sadness. Being on the table will keep you fresh all day.

Basic on these stunning glass crystal ball , crystal ball awards be developed , 

Give your recipients this amazing glass Crystal Ball Award to brighten their day and improve workplace productivity. One of the most popular uses of the Feng Shui Crystal Ball is to place them in home, office, in common rooms and bed rooms. They are believed to both draw luck and push bad luck away that are associated with energy of the stars. These pnrificatus clear glass Crystal Sphere Balls are also thought to give off a vibration of peace, harmony and perfection because of their spherical shape. 

 Glass Lensball is a perfect addition to your table, desk, shelves, or interior Decor. A wonderful gift for all occasion. Each of this personalized clear Crystal Crystal Lensball Souvenir be welcomed , low price high quality 

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