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glass awards

KAINAI glass award plaque want to be your top Supplier of glass awards,glass trophies, glass plaques, 

Our glass awards trophies contains 1000+ exquisite selection for custom any memorial occassion or for any occupation which are comes in modern designs, high quality, custom shapes and sizes and Free engraveing with your company name and text that will nicely fit with any of your corporate awards ceremony or recognition event. All of these glass awards trophies in bulk will comes with an elegant gift box that adds to the beauty of crystal.As Crystal awards supplier Over 10+ years crystal awards designing and manufacturing blank crystal awards,corporate crystal awards, engraved crystal awards, Custom Crystal Awards Design and cut Glass manufacturing for multinational companies, sports organizations,over long years developed, We have 1000+ unique great Crystal Awards,crystal trophies,crystal cup trophy in our product line.As 10 years of crystal awards manufacturer on this field we've do a lots of blank crystal awards in our stock,all made with only the finest K9 optical crystal, it's be widely used for variety of business purposes .recognize your employees , achievement for special occasions ,corporate crystal awards ,sports crystal awards,and Business crystal awards,all glass awards with reasonable price ,Custom crystal awards be welcomed ,all client 's logo and text be acceptable and free with etched,customized and personalized crystal awards accord with your request. 

Quality control: We are supplying Optical glass awards & jade glass awards & engraved glass awards at factory direct prices. We started in 2003 located in pujiang China which our city supply 70% of the world's crystal production. over the years we have been strict quality control, from raw materials, production technology, production machines, very rich experience of the workers who more than 10 old experience , they really know how to turn your drawings into a glittering and translucent crystal, We put special emphasis on quality checking process, this is the last line of defense, 100% of the check is a must, of course, the crystal of inspection is difficult, because of his transparency can lead to the light reflection, too bright and too dark places can all inspection, generally we will put it into three parts, and all our goods are good inspection three times or more, Any flaws will be fixed immediately. Of course, if there is any problem, we guarantee 100% return and exchange.

Glass awards Desing: Glass awards trophies can be with multiple colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and qualities depending on your requirements. These impeccable glass awards plaque are also available as decorative lighting base and are anti-breakable. You can also go for customized designs and colors while selecting the products.. cut glass awards  such as gemstones and healing stones are also available in distinct shapes and sizes. custom glass awards can be imprinted with a company's name, logo or message. We've got the solution that will exceed your expectations and fit within your budget. Let us help with your needs of custom crystal awards, large quantity or small quantity. 

Glass awards wholesale:  Custom crystal awards by our eye-catching are produced from high quality pure optical crystal . Best of all, because we are the factory and produce our custom crystal awardss in bulk, our pricing is low so your budget goes far!  We have 10+years experience, reputation for excellence and have custom manufacturing capabilities that made us The china's Online Retailer of Blank Awards, Blank Trophies and Blank Plaques. KAINAI glass Awards Plauqe  the good reputation manufacturer of  glass plaques in USA,CANADA,GERMANY. We are the trusted supplier of glass plaques and sourcing wholesale glass awards for engraving to retail award shops, gift shops, online trophy shops, award stores, corporate award distributors, award engravers and award suppliers at factory direct prices.

Colors :KAINAI glass awards plaque manufacturer of custom glass awards for etching. We are supplying the best quality glass awards trophies in bulk and blank glass plaque wholesale in the corporate award industry. colored awards, blue crystal awards, golden crystal awards, black crystal awards, purple crystal awards, pink crystal awards, green crystal awards,  rectangle laser optic crystal paperweight blank, optic crystal rectangle paperweight, blank optical crystal block, optic crystal trophy blank, laser crystal blanks, we can laser engrave customized logo or art inside the glass awards with perfect faceted and polished, we can make customized size and shape as per your request.

Gold Standard :We supply outstanding quality and value in glass awards trophie to the awards and engraving industries. Our products are made of the finest precision-cut and hand polished crystal-clear lead-free optical crystal. Optical crystal is completely free of impurities and is totally free of any color. Because of this, it is the “Gold Standard” for premium engraved and sand carved glass awards. recognition awards, corporate awards, glass awards, crystal awards, glass trophy, crystal trophy, recognition awards, corporate recognition, glass trophies, crystal trophies, plaque, plaques, vases, desktop awards, crystal vases, commemorative awards, commemorative trophies, memorial, employee recognition, company recognition, employee awards, high end awards, high end trophies, high end award, high end trophy, employee award, employee trophy, employee trophies and corporate gift items.

Home decoration: The unique and spectacular glass awards trophies offered on the site are made of pure quality crystals that are rigid in quality and are durable enough to last for a long time with your long memorial. These outstanding and with your name Awards are available in both machine-crafted and handcrafted variety having an equal level of beauty. The magnificent. our glass awards are hand polished and are ideal home decoration offical decor items that can go with any type of interior decoration. These products go through a stringent cutting, selection, and polishing process that makes these items aesthetically appealing. 

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