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Tennis ball

Manufactuer and wholesale supplier glass crystal tennis & tennis racket awards trophy plaque & glass tennis sports paperweight gifts, custom engraved tennis award top quality 

Glass crystal tennis like glass baseball, glass football, we develop based on round crystal gall shpere , changed it's surface and just frosted the the line out of glass ball then glass crystal tennis be made out , frosted line glass crystal tennis or forsted glass and shiny line glass tennis, but glass tennis racket we need custom made it , 

glass crystal Tennis is brilliant as it's produced from the finest quality optic crystal that features a solid, heavyweight ,smooth and shiny glass tennis sports ball, the material was strictly controlled, and the bubble spots on the crystal materials are removed to form a glass tennis. Unique surface polishing treatment it has been formulated for extreme durability, as well as scratch resistant. Balls of quality crystal glass tennis. The best quality for technical and decorative purposes. Clear glass with no green or blue tint.

Glass crystal tennis ball we always maintain stock on it, glass tennis awards trophy blank, waiting for your recipient customs name and text , Sometimes we may be out of stock on an item you need, but do not worry! Any item not in stock when you order will be produced for you on a priority basis, which will normally take only 10-15 days.

glass crystal tennis awards Trophy is a great way to honor your tennis players and to celebrate tennis champions. Truly a fantastic crystal sports trophy awards designed to make your tennis tournaments Tennis award Trophy features a clear crystal tennis ball mounted on a solid crystal base, heavyweight and crystal clear and light reflect, These Sports Crystal Tennis Ball award trophy is ideal for tennis players, tennis coaches, tennis clubs, tennis winners, female tennis players and will be a nicely fit with your next tennis tournaments, tennis championships. Beside using in professional tennis tournaments, this outstanding Sports Crystal Tennis Awards would be an excellent corporate recognition awards perfect for any individual or winning team within your organization. Our Optical Crystal Tennis Trophies available in three different sizes , different style, different colors,  All of your personalized Crystal Tennis Awards  Trophy come with a deluxe presentation gift box .

Personalized: glass tennis award trophy have plenty of room for engraving. Let us personalize glass tennis  awards for FREE with the message of your choice and it will surely become a treasured keepsake for the recipient. glass crystal tennis award heavy and very detailed in craftsmanship and the elegant design make for a truly magnificent tennis tournament award that will really let your team show off their hard work this season. Imagine the expression of the recipients when they see their name on one of these magnificent tennis award trophy plaque. 

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